Cam Champ is an artist and designer based in Toronto, Ontario.

He studied graphic design at The Humber Institute of Technology and received his advanced diploma in 2012. His work is stylistically investigative and often deals with themes of longing, chaos, chance, and the mundane.

Instagram    @cccccccchamp


2018            Locales, Black Cat, Toronto ON


2018            Salon of Inclusiveness, Black Cat, Toronto ON
2018            GIFC, L’Inconnue, Montreal QC
2018            Summer Emerging Artists, Gallery 1313, Toronto ON
2018            Untapped Emerging Artist, The Artist Project, Toronto ON
2016            Place/Privilege/Power, Ada Slaight Gallery, Toronto ON
2015            Zine Dream, The Great Hall, Toronto ON


2019            Digital Residency,


2019           Installation, Drake Motor Inn, Wellington ON
2019           Mural, Installation Zone, The Artist Project, Toronto ON

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